Tufahtul Ahwazi is an Explanation of Sunnan at-Tirmidhi also known as Jamaa'ah al-Kabeer. Explained by ash-Shaykh al-Allamah 'Abdur Rahman al-Mubarakfoori. The book is a book in Fiqh al-Hadith were ash-Shaykh Mubarakfoori mentions the chain of narration and mentions the grade of the Hadith. He explains first the linguistic meaning of the Hadith and then he brings about benefits from the Hadith itself and explains its fiqh ruling. This is Gem for the student of knowledge or anyone who loves learning the science of Fiqh al-Hadith. Printed In Bierut on yellow paper in 16 volumes. 

Tufahtul Ahwazi تفحة الأحوذي شرح جامع الترمذي 1/16

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