ِAbu Bakr Muhammad bin al-Waleed bin Muhammad at-Turtushee was born in Turtusha in 1059 451hijri in the northern region of al-Andalus at the Ebro Delta, at a time when the region had become increasingly fragmented and was divided into various kingdoms. He first traveled to Zaragoza, where he became a student under Abu al-Walid al-Baji, a famous scholar and poet. While in Spain, he also familiarised himself with the philosophical and political treatises of Ibn Hazm.

He traveled for knowledge, seeking to educate himself from various scholars in different parts of the Muslim world and went as far east as Baghdad. On his way, he also stopped at Damascus, Aleppo, Cairo, and Alexandria. He eventually settled in Fatimid Alexandria, where he taught at a madrassa. al-Imaam at-Turtushee strongly opposed the Ismaili ideology of the Fatimid dynasty in Egypt. He also issued a fatwa for Yusuf Ibn Tashfin, the Almoravid ruler of Al-Andulus (Muslim Spain) that allowed him to invade Spain and depose of the divided Taifa kingdoms. His most famous work is Siraj al-Muluk (سراج الملوك) (The Lamp of Kings) which is an important treatise on political theory. 


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Siraj al-Muluk سراج الملوك

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