Mahmoud Mohamed Shaker (محمود محمد شاكر‎), Abu Fahr (أبو فهر), Egyptian writer, poet-journalist and scholar of the Arabic language and Islamic cultural heritage. Shaker was born on 1 February 1909 in Alexandria and died on 7 August 1997 in Cairo. His thoughts and writings were based on the originality of the Arabic culture. He wrote many books on Arabic language and culture including A Message on The Way of Our Culture (Resala Fel Tarik Ela Thakafatena رسالة في الطريق إلى ثقافتنا), al-Mutanabi المتنبي, Untruths and Tales (Abateel wa Asmaar أباطيل وأسمار), The Virgin Sagittarius ( al-Qaws al-AZraa القوس العذر. Most of his articles, which were published in different journals and magazines, were collected by professor Adel Solaiman Gamal in one book of 2 volumes titled: 

Jamharah Maqaalaat al-Ustadz Mahmoud Muhamad Shaakir
 جمهرة مقالات الأستاذ محمود محمد شاكر Printed on White paper in 2 Volumes that consist of almost 2000 pages!

Jamharah Maqaalaat al-Ustadz Mahmoud Muhamad Shaakir جمهرة مقالات الأستاذ محمود

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