A collection of the Verdicts of the Famous Maliki Scholar Mohammed Ibn Said Ibn Habib. He gained the nickname 'Sahnun' (a type of fast moving bird) because of his quickness of mind. al-Imaam Ibn Sahnun was known for his strong orthodoxy, even to the point of refusing to pray behind a Mu'tazilite Imam. He was known for removing heretical sects from the mosque, including the Ibadi, Mu'tazilites, and others. It was said that in the multiple circles of scholarship, representatives of all different sects and groups were able to express themselves freely in the Great Mosque of Kairouan. In a process amounting to a purging of the community of scholars there, Sahnun put an end to this "scandal". He dispersed the sects of the Ahl al-Bid'ah; the leaders of these Misguided sects were paraded disgracefully in public, and some were compelled to recant in public. al-Imaam Mohammed Ibn Sahnun was one of the greatest architects of the exclusive supremacy of as-Sunniyyah as-Salafiyyah according to the Maliki School throughout the Muslim World. The Fatawh of Ibn Sahnun is printed in one volume on yellow paper. It consists of 568 pages. 

Fatawah Ibn Sahnun فتاوى إبن سحنون

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