ar-Risalaah by al-Imaam ash-Shaafi'i (d. 820) is a seminal text on the principles of Islamic jurisprudence

The word "Risalah" in Arabic means a "message" or "letter, communication". al-Imaam ash-Shaafi'i's treatise received its name owing to a traditional, though unverified, story that Shaafi'i composed the work in response to a request from a leading traditionist in Basra, ‘Abd al-Raḥmaan bin Mahdi; the story goes that Ibn Mahdi wanted Shafi'i to explain the legal significance of the Quran and the sunnah, and the Risaalah was Shafi'i's response.

This Print is printed in KSA by Dar Ibn Jowzi on yellow paper in three amazing volumes. 

ar-Risalaah 1/3 الرسالة

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