Tarh at-Tathreeb fi Sharh at-Taqreeb written by al-Haafidh Abee al-Fadil Zaynideen al-Iraaqi and his Son al-Haafidh Abee Zur'ah Waliuddeen Ahmad bin al-Iraaqi (Rahimahumallaah) is a Book on Ahaadith al-Ahkaam (The Rulings extracted from Ahaadith) and even though the Authors are Shafi'i you can find that they are not fanatical towards their Madhhab and in many instances they go against it when the truth becomes apparent from the Qur'an and the Sunnah. Printed by Dar Ibn Jowzi (KSA) This is the very first time that this print has been checked using 6 different handwritten manuscripts! 

Tarh at-Tathreeb fi Sharh at-Taqreeb 1/7 طرح التثريب في شرح التقريب

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