Shaykh Ehsan Elahi Zaheer (Rahimahullaah) writes in the Intro;

After writing treatises on many un-Islamic sects I present to you a treatise about the sect “Barelwiyyah” which is found in extensive numbers in the sub-continent of Pakistan and India. The Aqaa’id of this sect can commonly be found in Sufism in other countries. Even in this age of ours Aqaa’id like beseeching other than Allaah or to make Mannat in their names is famous and can commonly be found. Barailwees have taken such Aqaa’id that are full of Shirk and un-Islamic customs and have organized them and have formed themselves in a form of sect. After pondering over the history of Islaam it becomes clear that these Aqaa’id and customs have entered into Muslims from Hindu culture and other religions, and flourished by the means of English colonization (of Pakistan and India). Islaam teaches struggle whereas the Barailwee beliefs and teachings have altered Islaam into a collective mass of mere customs and traditions. Instead of inviting towards Salaah and Sawm they prioritize Urs and Qawwaali, Peer’ism and Nazar wa Niyaaz as a means to get their sins forgiven. I had not intended to pick up my pen on the topic of Barelwiyyah. As I had thought that Barelwiyyah was just a by-product of ignorance, and as ignorance would depreciate Barelwiyyah would also loose its luster. But when I saw that Barailwees were propagating their beliefs of Shirk and Bid’ah and were struggling in it, and in the same spirit they have recently begun holding many gatherings by the name of “Hijaaz Conference”, where they disparage and mock the followers of Qur’an and Sunnah, and call them “traitors of The Risaalah” and other such terms. So, to remove many misunderstandings and to build confidence in the new generation that Islaam is not based on imagination or conjecture and is free from such ignorant beliefs, and the teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah are in accordance with intellect and natural disposition, I found it necessary to inform the people about this reality so that a treatise is written which would differentiate clearly between “Barelwiyyah and “Islaamic teachings” such that Islaamic Shar’iah is purified from these Aqaa’id which have entered in it in guise of Islaam, whereas Islaamic Shar’iah has no relation with them.

Barelwiyyah, Beliefs and History البريلوية عقائد وتاريخ

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