al-Ifhaam fi Sharh 'Umdatul Ahkaam is a Sharh of 'Umdatul Ahkaam which contains some of the most authentic Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). They are chosen from Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. They are listed according to their topics in Islamic Law so that the Scholars can extract and deduce Islamic rulings from them easily. 'Umdat al-Ahkam is one of the popular smaller text of fiqhul Hadith. Explained by ash-Shaykh Abdul 'Azeez bin Baz (Rahimahullaah) and printed in one huge volume on 900 pages of yellow paper. 

al-Ifhaam fi Sharh 'Umdatul Ahkaam الإفهام في شرح عمدة الأحكام

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